Extract the love…

I  loved music, many genres, like classical, symphonic, and folk metal. I love pop and acoustic as well.  I have ten years of music school behind me and a piano in my living room. For the last 16 years, it has been standing there like any other furniture, untouched.  I happened to find a few Youtube channels. They are made by voice teachers who break down the technique behind the performances done by famous singers. One of them, – Carl John Franz, has a lot of passion for vocal technique, many videos that put more focus on it, and an ebook about his singing journey. I would stare at the cover of “Becoming A natural singer,” with a brain illustration, read over again, “Understanding the deeper truths behind vocal success. ” …and argued with myself: Will that program work? How much is it? What ideas does it represent, and do I need more of them?

I was tempted by the words “deep,” “truth,” “understanding,” by the logic in his video content… So one day I just did it. I downloaded the “Calibre” program, got to his site, paid the 20 and something on PayPal, and a copy was mine to review! About the future of music, about it being “hit by a meteor…”
 I  wasn`t thinking of it, so when it was mentioned,  I got hit by this book, this mind, that word “…events in your past might have affected your perception of: a list… your ideas about music!” I was not ready for it! All the memories flashed before my eyes:

Every time I listen to music – I feel loved, free, I see places and auras and colors…I imagine different characters or feel like someone understands me and knows what I go through.
Every time I recall playing piano in music school – the first thing I remember is: the scolding, never satisfied teachers who seemed to be sure I was a hopeless case and did everything to make it clear.
And today,  my songs are playing in my mind, melodies that no one else can hear, notes that my voice can`t reach …  

Time passed, and I had my first lesson with him. It was that night when I recalled prolonged exposure therapy, if you google search it, you will see that`s used to treat patients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Prolonged exposure therapy is characterized by two main treatment procedures – imaginal and in vivo exposures.

I couldn`t fall asleep that night. I got out of bed and went to the living room. The piano stood there.  I kept a safe distance at first, then approached it.  I had to remove a bunch of things. Documents, keys, old watches…all this stuff you don`t really need, but don`t get rid of. I sat and opened it. I could see the black and white keys in the dark. I ran my hand over the keyboard, not playing just touching … recalling myself sitting here… for so many years…I realized that very moment; it had been my outlet, my friend! It was there taking in my anger, my scattered thought, my calm moments. It was there for me, standing quietly, responding with it`s music to the movement of my fingers.I sat still. Tears roll down my face.

Do I love you now? I look down at the instrument. It is warm, quiet, and calm, and times flash before my eyes; In class. “Where is your head?”… “You are playing like a three-year-old!” she would press my hand into the keyboard  …  “Okay, honey, I think you can` t hear ”… At home, Mom would lay in bed, taking medicine, after a conversation about the possibility of me leaving music school. All the family was around her. I knew everyone thought her condition was my fault. A few years later, I would go cursing, throwing the note sheets to the other side of the room, kicking the instrument, punching it with all my force. I would feel the sharp, throbbing pain in my hand, the only relief …  

Now I don`t have immature, manipulative family members or teachers who make me feel inadequate.   

I have the piano; I have the music. I have my friendly, talented voice teacher.  There is a lot to work on…

I would like to Thank Carl John Franz for his wonderful book, and Ph.D. Edna Foa, Director of the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety for P.E. This post was made with the purpose of showing how the combination of a trigger and P.E can unblock creativity in adults.


What this blog is about…

I wrote this title back in February the 13th, 2017. Now I am writing it again. This fact probably shows you I am not happy with the direction of this blog…this, and the frequency of my posts. I am very grateful to you, my 101 subscribers, that you are still here, despite the fact I hadn`t updated this blog since spring last year.

This blog used to be about makeup skincare, and fashion, while adding some cute cat and landscape photography to make it more interesting, in my opinion.

From now on, this blog will focus on another subject. Recently I started going back to piano playing, singing, dancing, and much more. I want this blog to be a documentation of this process.

Does it mean I will never post again about beauty, fashion,  landscape, and my pets? I am not sure, but it won`t be the main focus of this blog.

Empties, April 2019

This is a post I have been waiting to do for white a while, as most bloggers and youtubers would probably say….Products take time to finish, and in this particular post I have one that accidently got there, which I will mention.

In the featured image, you can see Yves Rocher Soothin mycellar water 2 in 1 in the center.

Yves Rocher Soothin micellar water – from the Sensitve Vegetal line – is meant for use by people with sensitive skin. Back in the day I pretty much enjoyed the product, untill I happend to get to know others, and then,  when trying to use again, it made my skin go red! There is alchohol in its ingredients, which I don`t understand. It is supposed to help with make up removing process, so maybe it is needed. It`s ok. There are better products that this one.

If we go from center to left, you can see two bottles of:

Clinique take the day of make up remover for lids, lashes and lips. This is a product you may have already seen in another post of mine. It is an efficiet, non irritating product i enjoyed using all they way. It removes all eyesshadow, mascara, and lipstck. Lipstick removal is important. Leaving it untill it “removes itself” on it`s own can cause dryness. I am happy to get to know this option.

If you look to the right we have:

Flormar mat touch foundation with Vitamin E. This foundation used to be my go to since spring 2017. It used to last on me as the days got warm. The advantages it has is amazing covarage, and  is peasant on the skin. It has thick consistancy and here comes a disadvantage – it can go caky if you are applying a lot, or going somewhere with expremely damp climate. The other one – it does exidize. It used to last on me between 5 -7 houurs, and I have cobination skin.

The last one on the right is

Flormar Perfect Covarage concealer. So does it give you perfect covarage? Lets start with something important - it feels light and non drying on this delicate, under eye skin. This is a very big advantage you can feel when applying. It does haved good covarage and a nice color correcting tone, but it does not cover the dark circles 100%. As the day goes by it wears off a little, and the coverage is not so perfect. So I would say it is good but not very long wearing, like 3 hours. It​still there but the covarage is 60% of  what it was.

Kiehl`s – super multi corrective eye opening serum,  Leonor Greyl – balancing shampoo for oily sculp and dry ends, Garnier skin naturals botanical toner with grtape extract



Leonor Greyl – balancing shampoo for oily sculp and dry ends – is my go to product that does help with the oily and dry situation I have. My hair is not oily after it but my ends are curled and nice. My hair perosnally does get better. Your hair is probably a very individual part, since I have seem user reviews claiming the opposite.

Kiehl`s – super multi corrective eye opening serum – this small sample size was given me for trial a long time a go. When I shopped for my friends birthday back in may 2018. It lasted for a good few month, since I had something in it even in November, when I ordered the full size one. You can also see from my skin care routine post that I do love the product as it has a nice prerentage of removing your under eye dark circles. Not a concealer, of courser, but it does have an effect, and the extra hyderation/moisutre it gives your eyes is always an advantage, in my oppinion.

Garnier skin naturals botanical toner with grtape extract – this is my second toner, after Loreal Rare flower toner – and I can say this one is different. Loreal was more  soothing and hyderating, whilte this one is very refreshing. This one does affect my redness, maybe because it does refresh, my skin looks much more bright and even toned after using it.

Lancome – Cleansing Micellar Water w/ Rose Extract, Sabon – liquid hand soap – delicate jasmine. Sabon – milky soap vanilla. 


Lancome – Cleansing Micellar Water w/ Rose Extract. This is my second try with micellar water after Yver Rocher. This was a better experience. It is nice both as toner and make up remover and had a simmilar effect that Garnier toner has, but not so pronounced, unlike the price. 

Sabon – liquid hand soap – delicate jasmine. – this is my luxury hand soap which does help to remove whatever unpleasant smell of stuff you can accidently or dutifully dip your hands into . It also feels nice on my skin , I high recommend. 

Sabon – milky soap vanilla – this body soap does have a moisturising effect, and of course a nice smell, yet this particular product doesn`t feel so amazing that I can say it is worth the price. There are other cheaper body soups that are similar. 

Well, here are all those products I have collected till now. Hope it gave you a little bit information, if you were interested in some of them.




My Current Skincare Routine – 2019

My skin care routine focuses on calming and hydrating the skin on a daily basis, avoiding strong active ingredients as I am sensitive and prone to redness. I use certain active ingredients as my extra a few times a week.



Cleansing:  My cleanser is Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal purifying cleansing  jell.
I massage it into my face for a while before rinsing off.   This product is efficient in removing all oil and dirt  from your face, leaving it really mate. This is not for a dry skin. Yves Rocher has, in its  Sebo Vegetal line, also have more cleansers for other skin types.


Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal purifying cleansing  jell


Toning:  another cleansing I do is use a toner.  From my experience a good toner will give you the extra benefits when applying  your skin care. Your skin “drinks” it better.  My toner is Loreal Rare flower toner.  I find it hydrating and soothing, softens my sensitive red skin and helps calming it.


Loreal Rare flower toner


Eye serum: – after cleansing I take care of my under eyes. The first product I use is Kiehl`s  Super multi corrective eye opening serum.  I massage it on under eye, and out, up to the brow bones, repeat. As I proceed I start seeing my under eye dark circles get better. They don`t disappear, but I can see that they are less prominent.


Kiehl`s  Super multi corrective eye opening serum,  Creamy eye treatment with avocado, Midnight recovery eye


Hydration: – then I reach for my Lancôme – Hydrazen – anti – stress moisturizing beauty essence – which was discontinued by the brand. I have a lot as you can see in the bottle and love the hydration, the comfortable soft feeling it gives my skin. Such a beautiful, great smelling, efficient product! Lancôme! What have you done!


Lancôme – Hydrazen – anti – stress moisturizing beauty essence, Careline – Young hydrating cream jel SPF 15

Eye cream: –  I dub on my under eyes an eye cream – mine is Kiehl`s  Creamy eye treatment with avocado.  I think that any extra moisture for that area is a bonus, if it`s not oily. This eye cream is very nourishing, much more than other anti aging eye creams, including products from this same brand.

Finally moisturizer : Careline – Young hydrating cream jel SPF 15.  This is a product I recently discovered, after buying it a year about a year ago.  I did so with the goal of mixing it with cover fx cover drops. These drops are supposed to be mixed with your skin care or another foundation.  I have tried it once with another moisturizer and it was not perfect. I also did too much. Now that  I am lazy, I don`t  bother with those drops. One oily day, I knew I will not get away with my Lancome – Hydrazen moisturizing cream without having that greasy situation, I decided to try this one. It gave me a fresh look, naturally flushed but not red.  It actually brightened my skin tone, and the texture was a little richer than a jel but not too much. I never feel oily after applying it, the moisture is enough,  and get compliments from family and friends when I go bare faced.

Lip balm: I have two lip balms of choice. The Yve Rocher is for more dry days. This is very effective and inexpensive one. The Frey Ol one is good for preparing the lips before applying  a lip product.

Yve Rocher lip balm


Frey Ol



I repeat my two cleansing steps, the eye cream and the Lancôme beauty essence.

The change is in the eye cream – I use Kiehl`s again, but this time – the Midnight recovery eye. This is also extremely nourishing, something that characterizes many of Kiehl`s products.

The other change I make is in the moisturizer, I let it be more rich, so this time it`s the Lancome Hydrazen anti – stress moisturizing cream spf 15. This also helps with my redness, more calming than brightening. It feels thick, but not greasy, rather a little like a clay mask as you apply it – and they disappears really fast into your skin.


Lancôme – Hydrazen – anti – stress moisturizing beauty essence, Hydrazen anti – stress moisturizing cream spf 15


Last step is a lip exfoliating treatment. I have posted about the Jeffrey Star one, which was good, but I found something excellent! It always removes any dryness, product leftovers, etc, exfoliates and  even gives moisture – Sabon lip scrub. ! It was said to be a limited edition but I  managed to restock two months after my first buy, so it`s unclear.

Sabon lip scrub



There are things I do to my skin a few times a week, that include more activity, more than just hydration and moisture.

Once A Week:

A cleansing mask: I have already mentioned this product in a favorite post long ago. Omorovicza – deep cleansing mask. This made it`s way into my routine for once a week, nearly taking the place of Lancôme while clay mask I have been using for a few years. I let it sit on my skin for aournd 25 minutes and  wash it off. The smell is not strong but not amazing either. Not horrible but – feels natural, yes. I have already raved about what it does to my skin. It removes redness, oil, pampers, even a little feeling of moisture if you don`t keep it for maximum time. 30 minutes. It is written in the instructions to avoid using right after e shiwer as the steam can make some toxines surface.


July Favorites_SkinCare_1
Omorovicza – deep cleansing mask


A Few Times A Week: (depending on the need)

Now we are getting into those products that do have active ingredients! Before using any of them  I will  cleanse and tone.

Spray: My first step after that is spraying my face with Ven Effects Skin Calming mist. This I have already mentioned, too. This gives you a boost of freshness, hydration and as a result the skin tone looks more even.

Vitamin A:  The Alpha –H serum, Vitamin A 0.5% with evening primrose. This serum performes in a more pleasant way on my skin if I apply it after  the previous step, rather than right after the  toner.  Vitamin A is said to have anti – aging benefits, including:
exfoliation, evening out skin tone, firming and elsasiticy of the skin. I remember applying it for my decollate erea for a while – and my sun burn marks disappeared.

Moisture: Kiehl`s Skin Rescuer minimizing daily hydrator. It`s a product that works well after vitamin A serum, we all know it is required to give moisture after exfoliation like treatments. It feels a bit oily as I apply it, but after  a while it blends in.

Extra Hydration: If I am not in my oily days I use the Alpha – H Vitamin E with macadamia serum, which is an oil. It always gives you a layer of protection and your face is not effected by the wind or by anything extra drying. It helped with my redness as well. If you are sensitive  – not the type that prone to break outs and rosecha – here i cannot tell – I highly recommend trying it! I have been using it as a primer as my skin overall more dry than it was before. It works well for leaving skin tacky to stick the foundation, adds hydration and some soft dewy look.

Ven Effects Skin Calming mist, Alpha – H :Vitamin A 0.5% with evening primrose, Kiehl`s Skin Rescuer minimizing daily hydrator, Alpha – H Vitamin E with macadamia


Vitamin C: More often I do use Apha – H Vitamin C serum with grape seed.  We all know the benefits of Vitamin C – the antioxidant, this particular serum is said to boost collagen as well. The results I can actually see are a very brightening, “waking up” your complexion, effect. I think that if you have a dull,   pale skin you can also benefit from using it.

Moisture: After this step, I love using the Lancome – anti – stress moisturizing  cream jel. This is supposed to be a two in one cream that gives you both the effect of the Hydrazen beauty essence –  and that moisturizing cream. This cream is good especially  after applying the vitamin C serum, or  a booster. Does it give me the same effect of the previous beauty essence did? No. My skin goes a little more red once again and stays like that, more or less for the rest of the day – if I apply it alone.

Apha – H Vitamin C serum with grape seed, Lancome – anti – stress moisturizing  cream jel






When you get up Around Sunrise …

…or close to it,  …and see raindrops on the plants outside:

Our backyard in Nahal Becka, Beer Sheva





The sun shines its light and they look so transparent… so pure, so beautiful.

Everything is fresh, you can smell it. Even if it`s  still too early to usually start your day,  you have the energy to go run for the busses…





…Yes, it`s early, you are supposed to be sleepy, but when you look out of the window –  You just want to be there,  running  free, wild, in these fields!

Castro new sweater and belt, old Jeans, Camden&Shoes boots



Flormar Deluxe Cashmire lipstick  37 “Throw Back Rose”

…yeah, what ever efforts you are making, what ever routine demands,  you will feel so good after seeing this! Thanks mother nature, you are precious, it is a joy to be here.

2019 New Year photo session!

Hello my  friends! Finally this is here! My 2019 New Year calendar photo session! These are big annaucment beccause It`s a big tradition that I have been doing for a few years before starting this blog! Pet photo sessions is something I have been doing daily for years… It is my favority type of photography. Caching their movement, their funny faces, of those you love, and they love you back so uncondotional and bring so much joy into your life! I am happy to announce that this session had a lot of effort put into it, I needed goo quality pics from my phone! So they can look good in print. So here there are! My kitties…

Volter Scott:





















panda&pandus rizus_1
Panda and her Son Pandus Rizus










Sweety with her son Sweetusus Pantherus in the background



Sweety kissing Pandas daughter Pandusa Pestrusa

Sweety with Belchusus Pantherus, her son and daeughter Sweetusus and Sweetusua and Chertusa Cheetahs daughter









Belchususa – Belochkas daughter:







Belchusus – Belochkas son:

belchusus pantherus_5


Pandusa pestrusa one – Pandas daughrer:

pandusa pestrusa oneye_1


Pandusa pestrusa two – Pandas daughrer:

pandusa pestrusa_1


Sweetusus pantherus – Sweetys son:

sweetusus pantherus_4


Sweetusus – Sweetys sun:





Sweetususa – Sweetys daughter:





Cheetus – Cheetahs son: 





Cheetus – Cheetahs daughter:


I hope you all have wonderful begining of 2019!

A Recent Throwback

Hello friends, Happy and beautiful 2019 to you all! I have been doing so much lately…I procrastinated this post for a while untill making the desitions  to take this entire day off so that I can  finish the tasks in order to finally make it! If you are not entirely sick of christmas decorations and the such you are wellcome to keep reading..

Christmas and New Year are so…”hyped?” I have seen on Yourtube channels in Europe or the US people decorating for christmas since November. This was not on my mind yet…but I had an Idea of what I wanted. First of all I got a “festive manicure” this time and made an effort not to miss it. Here is how it tured out:



That day I wore a new sweater from Castro – this was a result of my Black Friday shopping .

Castro old blazer and new sweater, American Eagle Jeans

I pared it with a blazer and light skinny jeans. The weather was sunny yet cold.



…did I tell you I had a new hair cut?

Zoeva lip crayons: fromt left to right: Acoutstic feeling, Extreme cosumes, Theatrical extrevaganza – from “Premiere” collection

I am wearing the shade Acoutstic feeling in these pictures. Yes you guessed it. Black friday haul. After the manicure I went to the city….I saw many of those trees on sale….I bought some more gifts, a small tree and some small decorations, including lights.

Beer-Sheva old city

You can see that we have some new year vibes in Israel as well, even if not as much as in Europe or the US.

Brurya shop in Sizingof center Tel-Aviv offers a new year market – exhobition

The next day I had to go to Tel – Aviv, in both dizingoff center and Azriely I could not hold back from shopping a little but more decorations and 2 clothing items, and…Bobbi Braown.

That day I wore another Castro Item, It was still cold…

Castrp top and old pants

Sarona erea

Near Azriely mall we have this erea of botique shops and restaurants called “Sarona”. It is hard for me to pass by any day without taking pictures.



I think that a beautiful view, a moment like that is always a gift.

Velvet Teddy mini

This is what I was wearing on my lips that day. This one does feel on the nude side, even if not a light shade on my skin tone.

In Azriely I passed by a stand of these -chocolate-coated whipped egg whites cream treats….and saw this! The picture on the left is my fast one, to show you they made for attention and i immediatly saw of the poop imogi and…..and……I hope no one paid attention to my face! The next time I did not see it! Maybe the owner made the connection as well! What an advertising for a food product!

“Sandwash Pink”, “Brownie”


I went to the bobbi brawn stand to buy eye brow penciel – which I like – and this happened! They had a new year sale for 2 mini lipsticks and high lighter – i got both!




This is how I put up some decorations in my room with these items and my pretty bedding

Here are the gifts, as I started getting excited.
This one is for mom:

Topten slippers, JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS , Lip Ammunition and Velour Lip Kit in “Allegedly”, and Velour Lip Scrub Pumpkin Pie – you will see it on other pictures.

Castro bottomed top and Topten scarf

That same day in Tel – Aviv near Dizengoff Center a shop caught my eye – and a perfect gift for my dad as I was not sure about it – so this happened:

I wish to recall the name of that brang….

Here is what I got for Grandma:

Just some kitchen towels and pen

Things she always needs. I don`t like giving non practicle gifts…out house is fiiled with stuff.

The next day I really hoped to work on some of my 2019 Calendar project, but Dad decided he needed my advice on our kithcen lamp, and off we went – again I was in Beer – Sheva old city.

Goft coat, Castro – last year collection – sweater and old jeans, Bangi shoes boots

The lamp and our kitchen renovation can be described in abother post…oh and by the way I am also wearing that “Brownie” by Bobbi Broawn on my lips! I returened hope to working and making some more pictures for the Calendar, triend to do mine with the zoeva lip crayon in “Extreme cosumes”:

Pull&Bear jacket, Twentyfourseven old top, Onot&Jump jeans

I ended up preferring the picture already there from the ciry.

“Arta” store in Tel – Aviv, “Nahalat binyamin” street

So I worked from day to night, on Sunday I did not go to sleep, finished the Calendar, Showered, Did my make up and put on what I planned for that day – and went to Tel – Aviv again, to print, cut and stick it, make the spiral…all this on Monday morning December 31.

My 2019 Calendar “base”

The January to April quater Calendar 

You can see the city was decorated in certain places but where I was it was little…

Rotchild streen

There are places so beautiful they don`t need decorations….
That day I was wearing another beautiful sweatwer I bought when it was still pretty warm…and Estee Lauder “Envious” on my lips to feel festive.


zara sweater and onot&jump jeans

Estee Lauder “Color Envy” “Envious”

So….after not sleeping the whole night, getting to Color touch, printing, cutting, going to Arta store by buss and dragging there the duplex for the massive calendar, back to finish …I was walking on Kaplan street…saw the featured image…and decided to stop…to take a pic…..I somehow managed to get the next train, whie sacrifising the posibility of having some Beyers Market, and compensating with a quick snack on the platform.

I got home and Mom was at work. I went to Grandmas as planned and started getting ready, decorating and putting things together. Then to my room to get dressed and do my make up….

Castro sweater, Twentyfourseven leatherlike skirt

Chose Zoeva crayon “Theatrical extrevaganza” – on my lips and Magnoliya new earings

Zoeva “eye see” palette “unforgettable contrast” on my lids

Celebration began, I even have a video – when Mom came….


Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Velour Lip Scrub Pumpkin Pie




Here is how my caledar looks in real use: (and look at this snow salad!)


We watched TV concerted, had Champange and nice food like the “snow salad”. I wish you all an amazing 2019.