“…This is Yaffo, girl, this is Yaffo” (beach)

This time I finally got in! It was my first real beach day, or at least a few hours, they way I was capable of doing it when I had to go do my lesson in the university right after. The day was not all that sunny at the beginning but and I was  afraid that it will not be one of those pretty typical days for this seasons, but on my way to TLV I could see the cloud separating and letting the sun shine. When I got to the beach all felt well.


Yaffo beach



Twentyfourseven bathing suit


Enter a caption

I love it,  how everybody is looking free and like they are having a good time.


Camden&Shoes dress



Manta Ray restaurant

There is a restaurant on this beach called  “Manta Ray”. It has a lot of sea food on it`s menu.  I did not have the time to try anything there yet, although I would not eat the sea food anyway because it is not cosher.



Don`t you think they have nice menu cover illustrations?





Pul&Bear – “los angeles” perfume Careline “skin gard” spf 50, April shower jell, Neutrogena – Hydro boost city shield spf 25, Amika – shampoo for normal to oily hair sample

I did take a lot more with more me, but this is they essencials, because spf for face and body – would you really go today to a beach without one?
I usually take a shampoo and a shower jell, because I do not live near the beach now and can`t have a proper shower at home. I can use their outside devices and they work well. I get out of there completely clean and my hair is wet but all washed, and comb it later.

Then, on the way to my lesson – I saw  3 more things that make me love Tel – Aviv.







Love Tel – Aviv, Love the summer, Love the beach.


Beer – Sheva Theater – Nut Cracker On Ice

Last week I went to the Nut Cracker in Beer Sheva theater – on ice – by Russian National Ice Ballet . This was intended for kids – but there were many adults. Choreography was cute but not outstanding , particularly because there was not much room, I think – and maybe performance ise – they did not have enough room to develop the Olympic speed on ice, although it was performed well – looked pretty flawless to me, unlike other classical performances these years.








Look at this harp! First time I see it! 





The customs were beautiful 






…and I was dressed up








my liner and eye shadow – please appreciate hard work! lol



July Favorites

What did you think about  summer, when you could only dream about it…?
I would think of happy colors, out there, under the sun,  and chill days on the beach…

Here are my July Favorite, and one or two less, including  fast food restaurants, more shirts I bought, make up and skin care.


This month I was going from a feminine chic or casual to a “happy color” mode, gradually.
With moments of elegance, I would come back to fresh stripes with TFS, to pink  and, through dresses for the comfort, to” screaming” with  color again – with zara T shirt. I guess that pull and bear – I got a little bit in the middle – fresh but not that vibrant.

Pull&Bear  black and white tops



Twentyfourseven sleeveless tops:


Pull&Bear black bottomed sleeveless cropped top:


July Favorites_Fastion_5



Twentyfourseven sleeveless top:


July Favorites_Fastion_6


Twentyfourseven pink fake button top

If you remember my June post – I have it now in pink! Could not resist this color…


Camden&Shoes dresses



Zara T shirt

July Favorites_Fastion_10


Pull&Bear bottomed cropped top



I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite  coffee chain  Rolladin.   It is where I feel at home. They are delicious as much as they are aesthetic. Their chain is  all over Israel. Not the cheapest, but for today prices they seem somewhere in the upper middle. My favorite is chocolate crunch and cappuccino deal. Their coffee is stronger than the one in” Aroma”  (Can one say Israeli starbucks?) and is  good quality. They have various bake products including bread and other Israeli like burekas.


July Favorites_Food_4


July Favorites_Food_3


July Favorites_Food_2



July Favorites_Food_1



I don`t visit this one so much, because it is not  in my area, or those I visit on a regular basis. A while ago, after my manicure, I stopped at our “Grand Mall” in Beer – Sheva and happened to walk near one of their branches. At the beginning I thought I am better without – but after some shopping – you know there is a lot of walking to do in a big mall – I decided to drag my feet back and try one of their Belgian waffles on a stick…



It was good. Calories? Yes, probably way too much!


Bayers Market

This is new to me. In fact,  it`s new Israel – a food stand in a “Australian – German” style.
I have been eyeing it for quite a while. I finally had an excuse, after the beach went to Azriely mall and… this was delicious!
The chips were special. You can order spicy.  The hot dog – you can add ketchup and other…there is variety. I tried the chicken one.  It was really good. I think that if you are hungry and not vegetarian – you can enjoy their menu.


July Favorites_Food_10
In Azriely mall inTel – Aviv


July Favorites_Food_11



Oren Meshi Bakery and coffee

This is another place I would look at and not visit – I have been following their face book page for months – simply because I had no idea where was it located. They had the street but I didn`t feel like looking it up in Google maps – It was not on my mind. Last week when I was going to a show and needed coffee – I saw it from far and thought “oh my savior!”  I was tired and the show had to start in like 20 minutes. I didn`t want to go seeking for coffee anywhere far. They have a pretty place and amazing looking bakery products. I haven`t tried them so have an opinion yet.


July Favorites_Food_13
Beer Sheva branch


July Favorites_Food_14


Skin Care:

I have 2 new products that help brighten your face and make it feel baby smooth.


Omorovicza – deep cleansing mask

This is amazing!  I tried the free  sample in the haul you can see above –  After using it my skin looked and felt better than any time I remember in my life! No redness. No oil but also not dry. Actually pampered. So bright, and smooth. Maybe even slightly hydrated. . I can definitely recommend it from my experience.


July Favorites_SkinCare_1


VENeffect  –  skin calming mist

This my first experience with this type of product, after being  skeptical about it`s ability to do anything.  I read it in cult beauty magazine for they released in their 10 year anniversary magazine. It was recommended by specialists as the first step after toning. I decided to order one that already caught my curiosity and was on my wish list…and well, you know, then added to bag – I assume will be added again when I run out –I can definitely say – not only does it give you that calming, refreshing effect, the skin brightened and the other skin care put after it felt much better, too.


July Favorites_SkinCare_3



Kiehl`s   – Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner 

You may have seen in “a friend’s birthday” post,  this toner is good, but is it anything special?
I am not 100% sure…This is my first toner . I am I used to  micellar water. It is really nice I am just not sure if it`s worth 55$.


July Favorites_SkinCare_4


Jefferee Star lip scrub – velour lip scrub – Marshmallow


I have been looking for a good lip scrub for a long while, and if you have seen my post:
“Memories into The Summer: Independence Day” I ended up ordering his product. I do love it. My lips feel hydrated and plumped, it tastes good – (not sure about the marshmallow) and I love to use it right after:

Clinique eye and lip make up removal

This is something I have been looking  for  as well– a lip removal product. I literally shrink at the idea of using my facial make up removal products on my lips! So – This was in a goodie bag I am going to tell you about in another post… –this is the first product from this brand I really like! It also deals with mascara better than my Lancome bi-facil –which does ok,  so… this is very satisfying.


July Favorites_SkinCare_5


Neurogena – “hydro boost city shield ”  hydrating lotion spf 25

This is an spf, that works for my sensitive and combination to sometimes oily skin, and gives skin hydration without irritating and making it red. I had it on at the beach and didn`t see any sun damage.  Also doesn`t feel oily, absorbs fast.


July Favorites_SkinCare_6



Make up:


As I tend to think ahead of colors and shapes…I attempted to match my make up to my clothing some of  the time, and the whole eye-lip-cheek thing to match or contrast each other in a flattering or interesting way.

Zoeva eye shadow pallets:




Zoeva eye shadow have amazing quality. Most of the time – 96% of the time very pigmented and easy to blend. Also blend well one with another.  The shimmers can have fall out or transfer – but other than that – they are my creative dream as far as eye make up goes.
These palettes have those bright colors:…I have been aiming for during this month:


  • Screen Queen – “eye of a painter.”
  • Aristo – “blessing.”
  • Sweet Glamour – “childhood adaption.”
  • Offline – “no connection.”
  • Rodeo Bell – “yee haw”, “hot wind”.


Lip sticks, liquid and glosses:

I have been searching for perfect nudes and corals for my skin tone since spring, and ended up with quite a nice collection. Here are some of the products I find their color and formula appealing


July Favorites_MakeUp_1_a

  • Soft  touch  -“signature” liquid lipstick – 110
  • Essence – “shine shine” “wet look” lip gloss
  • Flormar – “lip tube” liquid lipstick “laquer” – “peach punch
  • ”Rimmel – “Lasting Finish Lipstick” – 210 – “coral in gold”
  • Jefferee Star Cosmetics – Velour liqiod lipstick – “Natan”
  • Flormar – silk matte liquid lipstick – “pink dream” 13




July Favorites_MakeUp_5


They are all fine and long wearing enough. Their pigmenration is nice. Blend well. Lancome

  • Yves rocher – blush “rose capuchine” 7 – coral, matte.
  • Lancome – blush subtil – brun roche 010  –  is super long lasting and velvety like semi matte finish.
  • Flormar –  terracotta – blush on – 46   – has shine.




July Favorites_MakeUp_6


  • Bobbi brown – bronzing powder “Golden light” 1
  • Flormar – Baked powder –  Marble bige gold 22
  • Becca – “multitasking  perfecting  powder” – beige.



On my face:

  • Soft  touch  -“signature” liquid lipstick – 110
  • Yves rocher – blush “rose capuchine” 7
  • Offline – “no connection.” eye sahdow
  • Rodeo Bell – “yee haw”, “hot wind” eye sahdow



  • Flormar – silk matte liquid lipstick – “pink dream” 13
  • Yves rocher – blush “rose capuchine” 7
  • Becca – “multitasking  perfecting  powder” – beige.
  • Eye shadow :Ariosto – “blessing”, Sweet Glamour – “childhood adaption.” , and Screen Queen – eye of a painter  on top.




  • Flormar – “lip tube” liquid lipstick “laquer” – “peach punch”
  • Becca – “multitasking  perfecting  powder” – beige.
  • Flormar –  terracotta – blush on – 46



  • Jefferee Star Cosmetics – Velour liqiod lipstick – “Natan”
  • Flormar – Baked powder –  Marble bige gold 22
  • Lancome – blush subtil – brun roche 010



  • Rimmel – “Lasting Finish Lipstick” – 210 – “coral in gold”
  • Bobbi brown – bronzing powder “Golden light” 1
  • Flormar –  terracotta – blush on – 46

This is it for my favorites. Thank you if you read so far…




Super- Pharm – from city to avenue

Our local most known drugstore chain “super pharm” would make an event every year. The event was “Beauty City” – a large event that would take place in Tel Aviv, having fashion display, beauty sales counter , huge classes and lectures by well known make up artist and beauty professionals. I remember trying to schedule one of those classes, but the one I wanted had no tickets any more and others were taking place on days when I was not in Tel – Aviv. So I have never been to that event. This year Super pharm decided top bring the event into the malls; sale counters, mini classes by you tubers, make up artists and other beauty professionals were spread through a certain floor in the mall. I happened to attend in Beer Sheva – the “Negev” Mall and Tel – Aviv Azriely.

A make up class

The feeling was more private and chill. Whoever felt like joining could do so. Sometimes it was crowded and after an hour or so the crowd would dissipate. Many brands had sales, goody bags, samples,etc. I was impressed by those counters – look at the giant brushes and lipsticks! It attracted my attention in the first place.



Aztiely mall in Tel – Aviv

In Tel – Aviv, I happened to get there in time for a class and treatment with a brow specialist. Her name was Dorit – I was surprised to not be bored , but rather enjoy the chatty manner, some useful information and a professional brow design for the first time in my life.

I had a sort of mini haul both times, some of my pics and some of what was recommended there, and some were curiosity.

Neutrogua face mask and wash – 2 in one, Neutrogua hydro boost moisturizer sample, a make up bag, Revlon – “oh baby pinnk mattee blush 001, Rimmel – “kate sculpting palette”, “magnif`eyes” eye shadow stick, “lasting finish lipstick” – “coral in gold” 210.
GA-DE: “Idylic extreme cover concealer, Velveteen pure matte lipstick “amber rose” 752
GA-DE: “Idylic” – powder eyebrow pencil – 20 light brown

I will let you know , in following posts which products worked for me and which didn`t. That was a nice add to the mall experience that I never had to book for it and in fact never expected.

Here comes the summer!

Hey friends!


Tel – Aviv Yaffo beach


I hope you have been doing well lately. I just started enjoying summer. A while ago I posted about summer preparations. Now that we are ready – isn`t it time to experience it?







Zara cropped top, Pull&Bear maxi skirt



This is the bag-towel by sabon I had  in “Summer Preparations” featured image – open to the towel position





















In our neighborhood , Beer – Sheva, Nahal Beka




Not so long ago, I made a few hauls that I would like to share with you:






Beauty Leash:

I have been tempted to get Jeffere Star liquid lipsticks for a while, and after trying many lip colors in many forms – lipsticks, liquids, glosses, to find a good nude shade for my fare skin tone, I ordered this – and his high lighter – since I was curious about it because of the  radical diverse reviews of his high lighters – and because like eye shadow – I can not have too many this particular product…I got them!

Jeffree Star – Velour Liquid Lipstick -Birthday Suit, Nathan, Thirst Trap, high lighter – Skin Frost Crystal Ball, Stilla – Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Duo Chrome –  Sea Siren



Cult Beauty:

There are all new tries that I am going to tell you one day what they are doing for my skin.

skyn ICELAND – Nordic Skin Peel, REN – Anti-Redness Serum, Alpha-H – Clear Skin Starter Collection, Samples: Caudalie – Vinoperfect Radiance Serum,  Oskia – Renaissance Cleansing Gel


So that`s it for now my friends! I am going to give you more hauls and events in next posts. Stay tuned! Love you!




June Favorites!

  Hello!  Whats up  everybody! Time for June Favorites! Most bloggers and youtubers have already uploaded their and I am not going to stay behind!  This month I have tried my recent buys in fashion, visited old and new fast food places,  and have   a few new favorite make up products, and  even empties!


Castro – sleeveless top in black and while: 


This is one of the most practical tops, you can pair it with any kind of jeans or pans for a casual look – or with an elegant skirt or trousers  for an elegant, even especial one.


Twentyfourseven – button top in yellow and white: 


Here is for my more feminine series, I really think that it is one of the more delicate, retro – chich, cute, and flattering top I have found in TFS


Twentyfourseven – pulled up top in blue, black and while: 


 This is where I continue my feminine chick classic style because this top you can see in most casual looks can be dressed up  for an amazing look and if I get the chance I definitely will!


Pull&Bear – real button cropped top in stripes and while: 


Here is one of the most practical – and amazing to wear in the heat – topss! Again you can make also elegant looks with it if you wear it, especially the white one, with something elegant. trousers, a pencil skirt… I did not have a reason to wear it this month, but you get the idea. When you walk outside the wind is blowing and you can feel it, the fabric is very thin, one of the best.


Pizza – Azriely call in Tel – Aviv: 


“The three cheese”

This place in Aztiely has a few kinds of pizza, this is the most delicious pizza I have eaten in my whole life!



With artichoke – also very good!


“Agvaniya” – Dizingoph center Tel Aviv and other places: 



Also in Beer Sheva – Grand mall…there are more places in Israel, I have already posted about their dough which is thin and their pizza is a more fresh version and more minimalistic than the “pizza” one.


Aroma – all over Israel!


Salmon sandwich and a new “san margarita?” drink

“Aroma” is a caffee chain all over Israel – In Tel – Aviv alone there are places of  “Aroma” where ever you go . like every few kilometers, or so it seems. In Beer-Sheva in Every mall you have it! They have coffee and other hot drinks,  croissants of a few kinds, amazing sandwiches – a good variety, sell ordinary soft drinks and some make real fresh fruit  juice. This is one of the most well known and popular caffee chains in Israel.


“Glida Golda” – Azriely mall in Tel – Aviv 


Belgian waffles


One of the best ice creams out there. A good variety. Also have coffee and croissants, yogurts with toppings etc.


“Jet let” – near “Tami levy” Beer – Sheva


coffee and chocolate croissant

A new palce for me that has coffee, ice cream and many different cakes and shakes! I definitely want to explore!


Make up Favorites: 

Maybellene “Superstay” foundation, Smashbox “Primerizer”, Smashbox – halo setting powder, Mac – waterweight powder, Zeova  120/kabuki brush


  • Maybellene “Superstay” –  foundation – got it before June but now tried it enough to say – good for my combination to oily skins, medium to full coverage and can stay for long – I had it on a day at the beach – and it stayed on even 2 hours later – about 6 hours and more! The way it dissolves into the skin is ok, not patchy, it has a matte finish, I find it put best with the beauty blender, if you have breakouts still nead to conceal – i don`t succeed to cover them up with it alone. It is light on the skin – maybe slightly dry – maybe less for the very dry people. My go to this summer!
    love it! You can not believe how happy I am to find a foundation that lasts on me on those days I go to Tel – Aviv!
  • Smashbox “Primerizer” – “yourube made me buy it” – a good primer for the superstay , and it does feel fresh and moisturising – but does not replace a moisturizer for me! This is thin.
  • Smashboxhalo setting powder – one of my all time favorites! Seriously – This one is worth the price! I would wear it with at least  5 different foundations and it never gave me a cake look – it does not have talc. It has a turning machanism so you can take as much product as you like! no waste. a long term favorite.
  • Mac – water water weight powder –  This one product does help to reduce and eliminate shine. You have to reapply it after a while but it really does the job.
  • Zeova  120/kabuki brush – I bought it from zeova site for the mac powder and like all zeova brush it is amazing quality. It is dense so a amount of powder applied will not be small.


Skin Care and Fragrance  Favorites:

Sabon – perfume,  Laline – Body cream, Laline – hand cream, Sabon – hand cream, Clean – shower fresh, perfume, Clean – “eah de parfum”
  • Sabon – perfume – a limmitet addition of “Alice in wonderland” collection by Sabon – that somehow managed to stay until the Autumn 2017, I got it then and now rediscover its nice scent with the Laline body lotion in the picture, It has a scent of fresh soup!
  • Laline – Body cream – Violet Amber – has a very delicate yet strong..amber? smell and it does moisturize and hydrate the body.
  • Laline – hand cream –  Violet Amber –  I can say the same. The texture and feeling on my hands is improving after a while of not using hand cream.
  • Sabon – hand cream – with SPF 15 – this is my attempt to protwct my hands after hearing that the skin on my hands is as sensitive as on the face – a little spf but a little efficient. Very hydrating, very mortising. It has pure shea butter in itand aloe vera. I uset when I go out in the sun.
  • Clean – shower fresh – perfume – This is a very pleasant yet not overwhelming scent of fresh shower that goes well with clean body lotions but i like it also with laline violet amber.
  • Clean – “eah de parfum” – a sweet floral scent – one of my favorites


Lancome – La via est Belle – body lotion, Lancome La via est Belle perfume
  • Lancome – La via est Belle – body lotion – the best scent of a body lotion that reminds slightly of the perfume.
  • Lancome – La via est Belle – it is not a very heavy bu trelavively sweet sort of floral smell that linger and tickles and it is for those who love it. I know I do!





Lancome liat corps body lotion , ALPHA-H Vitamin A 0.5%
( 25m, ALPHA-H Vitamin E
( 25ml ) ALPHA-H Vitamin C
( 25ml )ALPHA-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant
( 50m),  Sabon – Shower Oil – Musk, Flormar – Illuminating primer
  • Lancome liat corps body lotion – amazing sweet smell and moisture!
  • ALPHA-H Vitamin A  – a skin care I am using to have an ani aging effect and also repairs curtain sun damage!
  • ALPHA-H Vitamin E – and oil for extra hydration and helps me with redness!
  • ALPHA-H Vitamin C – Brightens and refreshes my face. Really helps with my skin tone when I use it.
  • ALPHA-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant – A thck cream, surprisingly, as it is supposed to be for the oily skin type. I use it because I want moisturizer to not add any extra that is not needed, my skin brightens after a massage and pat it in. 
  • Sabon – Shower Oil – Musk – nice but there are better from Sabon. will mention in other posts!
  • Flormar – Illuminating primer –  it is a very very nice primer with a thin layer that does actually illuminate your skin and helps with thicker drugstore foundations. I love it! 


Interior update:


my room

I bought  carpet at a store – ordered it online at our “red carpet” store. Was delivered ok early in the morning – around 07:00. I have been dreaming of a small round carpet that would fit my room for a long while – and it took time until i found one and to the sale time i ordered it! You can see it matches with the poster – can you see the reflation in my mirror – and makes the room one. What do you think ?

Anyways – this was my favorites, first time i do it. What are your favorites for this summer? Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned?



Breath taking….

It is not every day that you have this moment when you look outside, thank Nature and run out with your camera, can not stop taking picture, so happy… so happy….
















It was a wonderful afternoon!